AARC - Pressure Support Package

AARC - Pressure Support Package

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  • Package Price $46.00  (That’s a 28% Discount when purchasing this Package) 
  • Each course is worth AARC CREDIT 1.0 CRCE continuing education credit.
  • Purchase includes Downloadable PDF and access to online test.


  • Includes downloadable PDFs and access to online tests for 4 AARC-approved courses.
  • Each course has its own certificate of completion.  You do not have to finish all courses for credit.
  • Package includes one full year access to the following Courses.
  • Package price reflects a 28% discount from individual-course list price!

Package contains the following courses:

  • Modes of PAP Therapy: This course will provide an in-depth view of positive airway pressure (PAP) modalities and equipment available today, with a discussion of indications, contraindications and associated physiology.
  • CPAP and Oxygen – Matching Systems to Patient’s Needs:  This course provides the participant with an understanding of the dual medical problems of a sleep disorder and pulmonary disease.  The participant will learn about the history relative to the recognition of the dual issues and the therapies that will be used to treat them.  Finally, the participant will understand the best practice in matching the treatment modalities to the patient needs.
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation:  This course provides an overview of the treatment modality, Noninvasive Ventilation. The discussion includes a historical snapshot of the use of both positive and negative pressure ventilation and ventilators.  The primary discussion is centered on the current uses of positive pressure noninvasive ventilation, including general considerations, patient selection, interface selection, the types of ventilators being used and the predictors of positive patient outcomes.
  • Role of ASV Technology in the treatment of Sleep Disorder Breathing:   This course explores the role of adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV) in treating the appropriate sleep related breathing disorders.  In defining and explaining ASV technology, the course first reviews the technology itself and the differences between the manufactures of the equipment.  The etiologies of the myriad disorders that may or may not be treated with ASV are discussed, as is the mechanism in which the disorders are successfully and efficaciously treated.  The hazards that may be associated the use of ASV for specific heart failure patients are also addressed.